Space—and Space Age—in the Kitchen

Remodeling? Consider Open Kitchen Plans for Entertaining and Everyday Living

We don’t know about your kitchen, but if you are currently living with kids or multiple generations in your home, it may seem like your kitchen is open for business 24-hours a day. This is why so many people are opting for a more open floor plan when they remodel or build a new home.

As your Western Wisconsin custom home builder and remodeling experts, we are fully on board with this hot design trend. In fact, one of our first recommendations for new construction or remodels the use of a more open floor plan in the kitchen. Whether it is the design of a “great room” or just a larger and more modern kitchen space, the best designs are those that think about things beyond just food prep. An open kitchen is better-suited to serve as a spot for entertaining as well as everyday living. A creative floor plan here truly opens up the kitchen as another warm and functional living space in your home, and even enhances the traditional utility of the area.

Another consideration is the way that technologies have made their way into home and kitchen designs. For instance, at R. Tews Construction & Design, we see a lot of clients looking to integrate the use of smartphone systems into their kitchen plans. In fact, it is a focal point!

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Imagine driving home from the office and knowing that you can use your phone to preheat the oven, turn on some lighting, or even turn on the TV so that you don’t miss one second of a favorite program. The dream of a push-button kitchen goes back decades, long before anyone imagined those buttons would be on your phone!

For the latest in kitchens to the smartest trends in custom home design and remodeling, talk to R. Tews Construction & Design, your quality contractors serving Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Menomonie, and the greater Western Wisconsin area.