Popular Floor Plans For Retirees

Custom Homes and Remodeling Ideas Add Comfort, Convenience, and Safety

Retirees often remodel their homes to ensure they are in top condition as they begin their “golden years,” and we see a lot of that right here in the Chippewa Valley. Of course, some are also moving to the area for their retirement years, and building homes ideally suited to their age and future needs. Sometimes it is whole families that are making the switch to a multi-generational lifestyle, and so the needs of retirees are incorporated into building plans or remodeling project.

At R. Tews Construction & Design, we have worked on many of these projects in the Western Wisconsin area, and have compiled a few tips for retirees and their families:

Consider clearance: More accurately, that should read “zero clearance” as most retirees realize that they may need to have access to certain areas of the home without any change in elevation or need for climbing. This is why many opt for showers instead of tubs and make sure that doorways into the home (including from the garage) have flat or flush thresholds.

Changing needs: The term “accessibility” is a critical guide in design and remodeling for this purpose. Simply, it means that the builder has put thought into the residents’ changing needs. Three foot wide doorways, single story construction or living spaces, and grab bars are but a few of the things used to accommodate changing needs.

Square footage: Whether it is a remodel of existing space or building a new home, many retirees keep the floor plans simpler and the square footage lower.

There are many ways that retirees, and oftentimes their families, are relying upon home builders and remodeling contractors to create ideal living spaces. In the Chippewa Valley, R. Tews Construction & Design has the products, experience, and design staff to bring those projects to life.