Popular Floor Plans for Multi-Generational Families

Ideas and Functional Floor Plans for In-Law Suites and Other Extended Family Living Situations

It’s officially a trend…families are consolidating and coming together to share living spaces in ever increasing numbers. Whether to save money, for medical reasons, or just for the pleasure of all living in one location, “multi-generational” homes are on the rise. If you are building a new home or remodeling your current one to create a multi-generational space, you may need to consult with R. Tews, your Western Wisconsin remodeling contractors for kitchens, baths, and more.

We have a lot of interest and experience in this area, and we have some especially creative options for your multi-generational needs. While it may be possible to all share the living room, kitchen, and bath, there are some popular and functional floor plans to ensure everyone has their very own living spaces.

As an example, “in-law suites” provide one or two retired parents with separate entrances to their own scaled-down homes. These tend to use an open floor plan or great room design that incorporate a kitchen, living and dining space into one pleasant and comfortable room. Not only does this optimize space, but it ensures easy maintenance too.

As Wisconsin’s experienced remodeling contractors for kitchens, baths, and more, the team at R. Tews is well aware of the trends emerging in home design. We can talk with you about additions that create smaller “homes within homes” for family members, and which use full sized appliances and fixtures, but incorporate cleanly into your existing structure. Imagine turning your basement area into a walkout wonder full of light, and all of the finest home design. It’s just one approach that will pay dividends for every member of the extended family!

If you’re contemplating joining the multi-generational family home trend, talk to the Eau Claire area’s trusted remodeling contractors for kitchens, baths, and more, R. Tews Construction & Design. We’ll share ideas that provide every member of the family with the right living spaces, fixtures, and comforts.

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