Our Compass: The Original Vision That Started It All

Exceeding Customer Expectations is Our Foundation and the Goal of Every Project

“What if people could turn their housing dreams into a reality?”

That is the question that started our company, and one that the experienced team at R. Tews Construction & Design works to answer with each and every project. And these are not empty words: We’ve been striving to exceed customer expectations and deliver only the utmost in products, services, and craftsmanship since 1993.

Over the past twenty-plus years, our company has earned a reputation as one of the top remodeling and general contractor firms in the Chippewa Valley. This is not a small accomplishment, as the area has grown rapidly and there has been a persistent need for builders and contractors to adjust to customer demands.

Another challenge was the global financial crisis, and what was commonly called the “housing bubble.” While this was a very challenging period for everyone involved in the housing industry, we saw it as a time to re-imagine our vision and improve upon our stability for today and years into the future. Through hard work and commitment we were able to attain this goal, and implement some changes we are especially proud of. We partnered with the state’s Focus on Energy program to become a trade ally capable of creating homes at 100% more efficiency than state code. We also began to donate salvaged materials to the Hope Gospel Mission where they are reused in new projects and remodels of all kinds.

And all of these things have helped us to create even more solutions for an even broader market – and all while adhering to our initial vision.

“Do it right the first time…”

Those are the words that steer our course, and though it is a phrase directly in line with the classic carpenter’s adage of “Measure twice, cut once,” we take it way beyond just doing an accurate job. We give equal attention to custom built homes, additions, remodeling and renovating…anything a busy and trusted contractor might be asked to tackle. We listen and pay full attention to our clients, their needs, and their dreams.

Today, R. Tews Construction & Design is one of the top Western Wisconsin remodeling contractors for kitchens, baths, and more. We still use our simple goal of getting things right as the ultimate compass for the company, and though we have grown, we’ve not grown away from our dedication to this vision.