May Is National Remodelers Month

National Remodelers Month with the Eau Claire Area’s Premier Remodeling and General Contractor


May is National Remodelers Month, and it’s a perfect time to give some consideration to the many benefits of working with professional remodelers. The goal of the month-long campaign is to remind homeowners of all types that the remodeling industry isn’t just about function and aesthetics, it adds value that most often pays for itself.

As a premier remodeling and general contractor for Eau Claire and the surrounding area, R. Tews Construction & Design can help make your current home a true dream home, but they provide a very practical, everyday service as well. And that is that they can spare you from having to move or relocate away from the beauty and benefits of the Chippewa Valley.

If you feel that you cannot live with a home the way it is, or that the changes you want are impossible, a visit with the seasoned experts at R. Tews can open your eyes to some important options. We can show you how to realize your goals and convert rooms you dislike or don’t use into the perfect living spaces. The choices are truly limited only by your imagination—and we’ve got plenty to lend!

R. Tews Gallery: Eau Claire Wisconsin Whole House Remodels & Renovations

As a skilled and experienced remodeling service, complete with a talented design staff, R. Tews Construction & Design is able to give your home the kinds of updates it needs, and the features or functions that make it into a whole new space. The new bath with contemporary lighting and world-class fixtures, or the modern kitchen that has technology integrated into almost every operation…these are just a couple of possibilities to give your home a substantial upgrade. We have also built countless additions, and/or reconfigured floor plans to adjust homes for our customers’ changing needs.

Before you shop for a new home or consider relocating, talk to the Eau Claire area’s experts for remodeling and general contractor services. At R. Tews Construction & Design, our talented team is ready to help re-imagine your living spaces and make them all that you dreamed they could be!

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