How to Use Lighting to Create a Designer Look

R. Tews Construction & Design Provides Creative Lighting Options for Any Need or Budget 


If you “Google” the title of this article, you begin to understand why people hire designers to handle things like lighting in a new home or a remodel. It is far more complex than it looks, and you can get astonishing results when you work with a real professional.

There are many benefits to using new, innovative, and customized lighting plans when you are building a home or even just remodeling a single room. Here in the Chippewa Valley area, the design staff at R. Tews Construction & Design has some truly unique ideas to share—and the ability to bring your visions to life, too!

What does it mean to “use” lighting creatively in your home? The simple answer is that any room in the house can benefit from a skillful use of lighting. Whether you want to make a space feel roomier, calmer, or more intimate, it can be done with the use of custom lighting. So the first item to consider is just what sort of “mood” you want.

At R. Tews, our design experts create drama with lighting, they can create entirely neutral spaces with lighting, and they can even help you to create an array of lighting elements in a single space. All of these features can be automated and programmed to be remotely adjusted, depending on your mood and need. Technology is where it’s at! If you don’t have a particular effect in mind, we are happy to share ideas and demonstrate a wide variety of lighting effects, and their benefits. Custom lighting can also have practical uses, of course, like lighted toe kicks and motion lighting in the bathroom or kitchen. We have even installed clothes rods with built-in LED lighting that turns on automatically—to give your closet a practical yet high-tech touch!

In short, it is not just shared spaces like family rooms, kitchens, and living rooms that benefit from designer lighting. Any room of the house can likely be improved in function and appearance. So, whether you are building or remodeling, don’t overlook the benefits of professional, custom lighting. As your Eau Claire, WI area building and remodeling specialists, R. Tews Construction & Design is ready to help you work creative lighting of all kinds into your budget and plans.