Choosing a Home Builder

Tips for Finding Quality Eau Claire WI Home Builders, Design & Remodeling Contractors

Tired of endless weekends spent at open houses? Frustrated at having to shoehorn your lifestyle into a pre-existing floor plan? Or perhaps you’ve simply arrived at a time in your life where your vision can no longer be denied, and your next home will be a custom project from top to bottom. We like the way you think! But there is a major choice to make: Who is going to build it?

There is a lot involved in the construction of a new home, and without question, the quality and experience of your builder is of primary importance. Virtually every decision will be impacted by this relationship, so below we give you a few key tips for making an informed decision. Some are pretty obvious (checking feedback and references, etc.) and some are a bit unexpected, but they are all important to a successful and happy home building experience.

  1. Start with the BBB: The Better Business Bureau is a free and readily accessible resource and it will tell you right away if any complaints have ever been lodged against the builder. You want to see a very high rating (A+ is perfect) since that demonstrates a flawless record; you deserve nothing less when you are committing your resources to a new build.
  2. Seek out feedback: Search all available resources, using terms like “Eau Claire Wisconsin home builders, design & remodeling testimonials.” Online reviews are the modern form of “word of mouth”. Professional marketers say that good feedback is the same as a friend or neighbor recommending a product or service. This is how sterling reputations are built, and they must be earned.
  3. Comfort level: This may seem obvious, but if you are not at ease and comfortable communicating with your builder, it is going to impact the whole experience. There are no shortcuts here…you need to have a quality conversation or two, and trust your instincts.
  4. Think local: A builder’s word is his bond, and your local home builder will move heaven and earth to maintain trust—and word of mouth. Here in the Chippewa Valley, R. Tews Construction & Design has worked hard to become known as Eau Claire’s first-choice contractor for custom built homes, as well as design & remodeling projects of any size. We are proud of the homes and relationships that we have built, and the superior reputation they have afforded us.

The time invested in deciding on your builder is priceless. Search the reviews for Eau Claire Wisconsin home builders, design & remodeling contractors, check the BBB, and then visit the R. Tews website to learn about our mission, our work ethic, and our many happy customers!

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