Popular Floor Plans For Retirees

Custom Homes and Remodeling Ideas Add Comfort, Convenience, and Safety Retirees often remodel their homes to ensure they are in top condition as they begin their “golden years,” and we see a lot of that right here in the Chippewa Valley. Of course, some are also moving to the area […] Read more »

Space—and Space Age—in the Kitchen

Remodeling? Consider Open Kitchen Plans for Entertaining and Everyday Living We don’t know about your kitchen, but if you are currently living with kids or multiple generations in your home, it may seem like your kitchen is open for business 24-hours a day. This is why so many people are […] Read more »

Green Building Tips

R. Tews Specializes in Eco-Friendly Building Tips, Methods, and Products Since its start in the 1970s, Earth Day has served to remind us that we can always do a bit more to help preserve and improve the environment. At R. Tews Construction & Design, we help homeowners to do their […] Read more »

Popular Floor Plans for Multi-Generational Families

Ideas and Functional Floor Plans for In-Law Suites and Other Extended Family Living Situations It’s officially a trend…families are consolidating and coming together to share living spaces in ever increasing numbers. Whether to save money, for medical reasons, or just for the pleasure of all living in one location, “multi-generational” homes […] Read more »

How to Use Lighting to Create a Designer Look

R. Tews Construction & Design Provides Creative Lighting Options for Any Need or Budget    If you “Google” the title of this article, you begin to understand why people hire designers to handle things like lighting in a new home or a remodel. It is far more complex than it looks, […] Read more »

6 Ideas to Create a Dream Master Bath

R. Tews Construction & Design Shares Remodeling Trends for Your Dream Bath Do you daydream about a large and luxurious master bath? Do you sigh because you don’t think your current home can accommodate one? Think again! Dream master baths are a popular trend, both for comfort and for increasing […] Read more »

May Is National Remodelers Month

National Remodelers Month with the Eau Claire Area’s Premier Remodeling and General Contractor   May is National Remodelers Month, and it’s a perfect time to give some consideration to the many benefits of working with professional remodelers. The goal of the month-long campaign is to remind homeowners of all types […] Read more »