Buying or Building: Starting on the Right Foot

Tips for Finding a Wisconsin Home Builder or Contractor Who Passes the “Gut Test”

Buying a new home is probably one of the most exciting things you will ever do, partly because there are so many options and decisions. Whether it’s your very first home or an “upgrade” to a bigger property or new construction, there’s a lot on the line. So, what can you realistically expect when buying a new home in the Chippewa Valley, and how can you prepare?

First, there is a lot of difference between buying an existing home and building a new one. Though the buying process may be similar—with financing, a Realtor and/or legal representative, and the whole process of inspection, negotiation and closing—you are left to navigate a number of steps that are unique to your situation.

If you are going with a new construction, you can’t overestimate the value of a great contractor. You’re going to be dealing with this person and their team for a long time, and their reputation will have repercussions within the local industry too, including with other vendors and your banker if you’re using a construction loan.

To select a contractor, you want to consider some key points:

  • What is their level of experience?
  • Do they have feedback or reviews that they can share?
  • Can you drive around to see some of their projects?
  • Are they familiar with a range of home styles?
  • Do they often work with owners on custom homes? (As opposed to building on spec.)

You never want to begin building a new home with a contractor that does not pass the “gut test,” and the answers to these questions should be very instructive. At R. Tews Construction & Design, we have a long history in the Western Wisconsin area and a wealth of experience with new home construction in a wide range of prices and styles.

R. Tews Gallery: Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls New Custom Home Construction

When Buying an Existing Home

If you’re looking to buy an existing home, it makes sense to touch all the bases and line up the resources you’ll need, in finances and in professionals who can help you land your best deal—or avoid a costly mistake. This would include pre-approval from your lender, a trusted Realtor, and ideally a general contractor to assess the home and any repairs or upgrades that could seal the deal—or sink it. This is something you would clearly save for your top contenders, but the value of that walk-through is hard to overstate. Now is the time to put it all on the table: if you’re seriously considering making the purchase, make sure you have gained input on any possible updates, additions, or significant remodeling you can see yourself wanting in the years to come.

It’s a Team Sport

We’re all experts on whether we like a property or not, at least on a visceral level. But with an investment as large as a new home—both financially and in quality of life—we recommend that you invite in that proverbial “second set of eyes” to spot any issues and offer the benefits of their experience. For home buyers and builders in the Eau Claire, WI area, R. Tews Construction & Design is a valuable resource backed by years of happy customers. Whatever kind of home you see yourself in, the team at R. Tews can help make it happen!