Bright Lights From Jessica: Lifestyle Products

Some Popular Lighting Options from R. Tews’ Resident Designer


Here at R. Tews Construction & Design our in-house designer, Jessica, is always full of amazing tips. We like to say she is equal parts interpreter, chameleon, and designer, working to translate customers’ visions into gorgeous and highly functional end results.

Toe Kick LED Lighting

Attractive and convenient!

No blog can contain her creativity, but we can give you a brief glimpse of Jessica’s greatest hits. “In a word,” she says, “it is ‘lifestyle’ products that are a top request, and chief among them is lighting.”
Sit down for a consultation, and she’ll tell you about some really remarkable fixtures and gadgets that can be integrated into a home design, providing a tremendous amount of convenience and ease. A short list of the most popular options would include:

  • Lights that come on automatically – whether through the use of smartphone tech or pre-programming, you can enjoy instant-on lighting of even the most complex systems and configurations. There is a whole field of home automation to explore, and lighting is a central part.
  • Closet rods with LED – this is one that makes you wonder just how no one thought of it before! You open the door of the closet and a gentle, LED array illuminates the clothing rods and floods the space with light, glorious LIGHT. No more mismatched outfits…this one could even get you a raise.
  • Toe kick LED lights – a hands-off approach to turning on lights in almost any space, these are activated by motion. Coming home with groceries? Feeling your way to the bathroom at midnight? The utility of this feature cannot be overstated.

Whether you have a head full of ideas or you want to pick the brain of a truly dedicated professional, we invite you to visit with Jessica—our in-house design pro at R. Tews Construction & Design. Whether it’s a single-room remodel or a complete home of your dreams, she’ll help you see the light!

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