Benefits of a Planned Community

Hallie Ridge Estates: Amenities, Security, and Quality of Life in a Private Wisconsin Neighborhood

If you are contemplating a move to what is known as a “planned community”, you may be wondering about the proverbial “pros and cons” of such a decision. While a lot of people let the worries (cons) keep them from really giving it a lot of serious thought, the benefits are far too substantial to allow yourself to overlook them.

We like to think that an excellent example would be Hallie Ridge Estates, a western Wisconsin community of private, custom built homes offering many of the life-enriching benefits that come with a planned community lifestyle.

So, what are the advantages? There are the fairly obvious ones, such as the well-planned neighborhood amenities to be found in a planned community. These include maintained trails on which to enjoy truly lovely scenery and surroundings, including natural bodies of water. There is also a diversity of opportunities for those who love the outdoors or socializing. A clubhouse and community space with a full kitchen, a modern fitness center, an outdoor swimming pool with a classic sundeck, and sports venues where soccer, tennis, or basketball and more can be enjoyed.

While not all planned communities can boast such a list, it cannot be overlooked that most also provide their residents with a sense of security, such as resident-only access to amenities. Communities such as Hallie Ridge are convenient because they are purposely placed close to schools and services. And of course, they are also great for folks who are keen on personalizing their own stunning custom landscaping.

Whether you’re raising a family or looking to enjoy your empty-nest years with an abundance of comfort and convenience, we invite you to learn more about Hallie Ridge Estates. As the exclusive builder for this pristine Chippewa Valley community of custom homes, R. Tews Construction & Design is proud to deliver—and improve upon—the promise of the “planned community” lifestyle. Please call us at 715-834-1628 for a personal tour…we’d love to welcome you to the Hallie Ridge neighborhood!

Link: Hallie Ridge Estates – Wisconsin Planned, Private Community Website