6 Ways We Help Our Customers

Buying or Remodeling a Home in Western Wisconsin? R. Tews Makes It Easy!

As someone about to build a home or take on a significant remodeling project, you may have numerous questions and concerns about the process. At R. Tews Construction & Design, we’re here to help! Before, during, and after your project, our whole company culture is designed to give you an experience that exceeds your expectations. Here are 6 ways we go about accomplishing this critical goal…

  1. We listen – We have been in business since 1993, and if you read the testimonials on our website, you’ll see that our clients feel as if we gave them a level of attention that was unique in the industry. This is probably the key aspect of our mission to get it right the first time, and it will last throughout your project, whether large or small.
  2. We customize – We know that no two homes or homeowners are ever alike, and so we offer complete customization on every project. It might be easier to crank out projects using a fixed set of plans and fixtures, but we can’t imagine anyone would be excited by the results. We employ top-notch designers and experienced crews, as well as an ear and eye for details. The result is a project unique to your needs and wishes.
  3. We think “big picture” – Let’s say that you are thinking of buying a home and you love everything except the kitchen, or some other feature. Can this prospect be salvaged? In many cases, yes it can! By salvaging and selling materials such as old appliances or cabinets, then investing in energy-efficient improvements—not to mention great products and design features—R. Tews can help create your vision, and often with an excellent return in value.
  4. We are flexible – Because we take on a diverse range of jobs, we have tremendous experience. As a preferred Wisconsin home builder, design & remodeling company, we have done everything from single room remodels to expansive dream homes and everything in between. Additions…a new kitchen, bath, or sunroom…a converted floor plan for multi-generational living…our team of professionals can handle any project with expertise and skill.
  5. We communicate – Without the ability to communicate openly and effectively with our clients, we would never excite anyone with our end results—or receive so many glowing reviews. Communication is not just reporting schedules either. It’s a two-way street, and truly listening is much more important to us than merely “keeping you in the loop.”
  6. We show up – As a truly dependable provide or building, design and remodeling services, we consistently help buyers to enjoy the most seamless and fluid experiences imaginable.

We help buyers and clients in every way possible – it is our mission to do so. We put an emphasis on quality craftsmanship, products and services, and it is what has kept us in business, and growing, for more than 20 years.