6 Ideas to Create a Dream Master Bath

R. Tews Construction & Design Shares Remodeling Trends for Your Dream Bath

Do you daydream about a large and luxurious master bath? Do you sigh because you don’t think your current home can accommodate one? Think again! Dream master baths are a popular trend, both for comfort and for increasing the value of your home.

At R. Tews Construction & Design, creating a dream master bath is one of our favorite projects because there are countless options available—truly something for every need or creative flourish. As your Eau Claire, WI custom home builders and remodeling experts, here are some of the top requests we’re incorporating into new baths:

  1. Heated tile floor: Imagine a cold January morning and the unbelievable bliss of stepping out of the bath, onto the toasty warm tile floor. Not only is this heavenly, but it is an affordable luxury.
  2. Walk-in shower: The days of water guzzling tubs are coming to an end. Instead, a spa-like and luxurious walk-in shower is becoming the norm. With features such as multiple setting showerheads and body sprays, it can be a getaway on its own.
  3. Hard surface tops: Homeowners are choosing granite and quartz countertops for their durability and timeless beauty.
  4. Tech: This is a big one. Today’s dream baths can have TVs hidden behind mirrors, programmable shower settings, and even functions that can be run via a smartphone.
  5. Water closet: A toilet in a small room of its own for the utmost in comfort and privacy is often a dream feature for many.

Of course, the sixth idea for creating a dream master bath is to work with professionals. This is never a DIY project, and as western Wisconsin’s remodeling contractors for kitchens, baths, and more, R. Tews Construction & Design is experienced and ENTHUSED to help you create a truly dreamy result!

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